Oliver Schuermann

Oliver Schuermann is a Senior Director of Enterprise Marketing at Juniper Networks. Oliver is a 16-year veteran of Juniper Networks joining in 2003. During his time at Juniper, he has led Systems Engineering, Specialist and Architecture teams and it is this experience that has led to his current role in Enterprise Product Marketing with a focus on security fitting to all domains. As a proven leader, Oliver has been part of Juniper’s Enterprise strategy since the beginning. During Oliver’s 25-year career he has worked with a wide variety of customers. Building monitoring and ZTP solutions at scale for large distributed customers early in his career, to building and developing highly-productive teams that fit the business need at hand. Oliver's career has evolved from software integration and systems engineering to sales and marketing. Today, Oliver is responsible for Juniper Connected Security: a marketing and strategy approach that differentiates Juniper within the information security industry. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Oliver spends his off hours as an avid runner, cyclist, father, husband and dog lover.