Keyoor Shah

Keyoor Shah joined Juniper in March 2005. He leads the Supply Chain Product Operations (SCPO) team as Vice President of Manufacturing Operations. SCPO is composed of Hardware New Product Introduction (HW NPI), Product Lifecycle (PLC PM), Test and Product Data Control (PDC) teams. The HW NPI team manages component availability and factory readiness for Prototypes, Pilot and Production for HW NPI programs as we launch new products into the market. The newly formulated PLC PM group manages products within Supply Chain all the way to the End of Life. The Test teams provides technical expertise in testing and product knowledge throughout the entire product life cycle, from design phase, through development, testing, and finally support. PDC team is the center of excellence for the input and maintenance of all Juniper Network's Engineering and Manufacturing documentation and Manufacturing process system controls. Connect with Keyoor and the SCPO team for any prototype or production related issues pertaining to products as they go through the development phase in NPI and beyond. When not at work, Keyoor enjoys spending time with family, hiking, reading and long drives. Favorite quotes: “Change the world by being yourself” and “If you want your children to listen, try talking softly to someone else!”